Product Description

Perfect Blue, Perfect Denim..

-Lace Skylight provides beautiful shadows and lovely atmosphere.

-Lace Side Pocket to store toys and clothes. 

-Bone shape ornament is detachable. 

-Detachable bone shape ornament w/stones 

-Double-sided cushion (100% Cotton & Soft Faux Fur)

-Provides a private and secure place to dog with Shy, Calm and Easy Going personality 


-Super light plastic frame: Easy to assemble & store

-Easy & Simple to wash: Keep it as new at all times

-Filled with microfiber cotton: Excellent warmth

-Refillable cushion: Microfiber Cotton can be in & out by the zipper

Product Configuration
House frame, Frame cover, Cushion, Cushion cover, Bone Wappen, Package bag 
Manufacturer  louisdog